Conference proceedings will be published as full articles.
In English in two journals E3S Web of Conferences (E3S) or Materials Science Forum (MSF), indexed in the international citation database Scopus. The publication of articles in the journal IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (IOP MSE) has been temporarily suspended pending clarification of the fate of this journal and its indexing in the Scopus citation database.

General requirements

Scientific articles submitted for publication must fully correspond to the topic of the conference, must reflect the results of research conducted by the authors personally, have originality, relevance and scientific novelty.
Note: Authors submitting articles for publication of an article in MSF magazine must include in the keywords and annotation such words as: “materials”, “technology of creating materials”, “use of materials in structures and calculations”, etc.
The organizing committee of the CATPID conference would like to draw your special attention to the following circumstances:

  1. When compiling the text of the article, we ask you to pay attention to the absence of the Cyrillic alphabet in figures / diagrams / diagrams / maps and in formulas.
  2. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to withhold 100% of the cost of the publication if the article is rejected by the publishing house for reasons beyond the control of the Organizing Committee (high percentage of borrowings, the presence of Cyrillic characters in the drawings that cannot be corrected, etc.). The attachment of the borrowing report from the Journal to the author is provided.
  3. In connection with the incidents of fraud when paying the registration fee for the publication of an article, the Organizing Committee asks you to pay only according to the details in the Agreement, which you will receive from the editors of the CATPID conference from the mailbox .

Note: The CATPID Organizing Committee has no representatives of the conference in other cities !

  1. Articles are accepted only in Russian. It is allowed to send articles in English to authors who are citizens of other states. As an exception, the article can be accepted in English (by agreement with the Organizing Committee). In any case, the English version of the article undergoes an editorial check for the correctness of the translation. The organizing committee reserves the right to make adjustments to the English-language version of the article in order to achieve the required high level of competent technical English with the consent of the author. The translation is carried out by the representatives of the magazines.
  1. The maximum number of authors is four. Five authors are allowed .
  2. The maximum number of articles submitted by one author to one journal is three.
  3. The minimum size of an article is 5.5-6 pages, designed to fit the template.
  4. Resolution of drawings: at least 300 dpi. The absence of the Cyrillic alphabet in figures (maps, diagrams, diagrams, etc.) is mandatory .
  5. All formulas must be typed in the formula editor.

Representation of formulas in the form of pictures is NOT ALLOWED!
All articles should be formatted according to the established templates for the respective journals.

E3S template
MSF template

Literature sources
Do not forget to place literature sources as they are mentioned in the text of the article in square brackets.
The recommended number of links is 10-15.
Additional documents, scanned copies of which must be sent to the conference organizing committee (please indicate the registration number of the report):

  1. Expert opinion on the possibility of publishing an article in the open press.
  2. Consent to the processing of personal data.
  3. (For MSF magazine). Copyright Agreement . The agreement is printed, in the column “The undersigned author has submitted a manuscript titled:” the title of the article is entered, signed by one of the author, ticked in the field “Author’s own work”, scanned in pdf format and sent to the editors by mail .

ATTENTION! After sending materials to the editorial committee, the time for working with them can be up to 14 calendar days. Thank you for understanding!